Tillsonburg Appliance Repair Services

For same-day appliance repair services in the Tillsonburg area, look no further than London Appliance Repairs! We’re the leading household appliance repair service in Tillsonburg and throughout the Southern Ontario area.

We provide our customers with quotes upfront, same-day repair services, and a customer satisfaction guarantee on all of the work we do!

We’ve put together a team of the best technicians around to provide top-notch household appliance repair services to residents of the Tillsonburg area. Our techs are all certified experts with years of training and field experience under their belts. They take pride in the work they do, and we take pride in the service they provide to members of the community. That’s why we stand behind them, and ensure the quality of their work with our customer satisfaction guarantee!

We’re also dedicated to providing a first-class customer service experience here at London Appliance Repairs, which is why we’re available to take your calls right around the clock. That way, whenever you require appliance repair services, we’ll be here to take your call and book your appointment – including on weekends and holidays!

Give us a call today at London Appliance Repairs if you’re a resident of the Tillsonburg area and you’re looking for household appliance repair services. We’d be happy to book you an appointment with one of our technicians right away.


Fridge Repair Services in Tillsonburg

The hassle of having your fridge break down is one we definitely understand. You could lose your groceries, and you may have to replace your whole fridge. That’ll cost you a small fortune, and it’s one serious chore to have to lug a big appliance like that in and out of your home. Before it comes to that, give us a call at London Appliance Repairs and we’ll have that fridge back up and running in no time!

Oven Repair Services in Tillsonburg

For same-day oven repair services in the Tillsonburg area, rely on us at London Appliance Repairs! Our techs are also certified in servicing gas appliances, which can be particularly problematic and dangerous. Give us a call at London Appliance Repairs today if you’re in need of oven repairs in the Tillsonburg area!

Stove Repair Services in Tillsonburg

Just like ovens, stoves can be a tricky appliance to have malfunctioning in your home, especially if it runs on gas. If you require stove repair services and you’re a Tillsonburg resident, then you’re in luck. London Appliance Repairs offers same-day repairs, quotes upfront, and a customer satisfaction guarantee!

Washer Repair Services in Tillsonburg

A leaky or clogged washer can be the cause of an eventual basement flood, which could cost you a small fortune in home repairs, not to mention the cost of having to replace your washer. If your washer is in ill-repair, give us a call here at London Appliance Repairs and we’ll get it all fixed up for you!

Dryer Repair Services in Tillsonburg

Dryers are one of the most dangerous appliances to have malfunctioning in your home. In fact, dryers are the cause of as many as 50,000 house fires across North America each year alone. If your dryer is malfunctioning, give us a call at London Appliance Repairs and we’ll ensure the safety of your dryer as well as repair it for you!

Dishwasher Repair Services in Tillsonburg

We also offer dishwasher repair services for residents of Tillsonburg. If you have a dishwasher that’s gone on the fritz, don’t hesitate to give us a call today at London Appliance Repairs, and we’ll send one of our certified technicians out to get that unit fixed for you!